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McRib Locator

Deminski and Doyle are back on the air, mornings 6-10 on 94.7 WCSX.

Since I am not up early enough in the morning to catch the show, I visit their page on quite often for podcasts and madcap zaniness.

The other day I logged onto their page and found a link they had posted to an online service they may become bigger than craigslist: The McRib Locator.

The McRib, not be confused with the RibWich is a cultural phenomenon. Eating a McRib is sort of like watching porn, it’s kind of frowned upon, the religious right denounces it but more people do it than are willing to admit it. For those of you who aren’t affraid to step out of the McRib closet the locator can be found at:

The McRib locator allows users to enter sightings and breaks the McRib sightings down into 4 categories:

Hot and Spicy- McRib spotted in the past 10 days.

McRibs are Getting Cold-McRib Spotted more than 10 days Ago.

Questionable McRib Sighting- in the Past 10 Days

Questionable McRib Sighting-More than 10 Days Ago

The bad news is that the only sightings on the map are questionable sightings in the past 10 days with Pennsylvania being the closest. The good news is that there have been 160 McRib sightings in the past 7 day. Heres hopin’.

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Man Meal Recipe: Taco Omlette

First of all I have to come clean on a couple of things.

#1 The Taco Omlette is nowhere near as manly as the English Buttercup.

#2 I didn’t come up with this concotion on my own. I saw it on an episode of Frasier, the one where Daphne isn’t getting along with Martin’s new girlfriend so she stays with Niles and they almost do it.


During this episode Martin’s girlfriend makes him a breakfast complete with spam and tacos full of scrambled eggs, much to Daphne’s chagrin. The taco concept intrigued me so I decided to give it a try.



-2 eggs

-Summer Sausage

-Cheddar Cheese

-American Cheese

-Splash of Milk

-Taco shell


1. Tear American Cheese into small pieces mix with egg and milk in frying pan stirring often with a spatula.

2. Cut sausage into quarters and shred cheddar cheese if not pre-shredded.

3. Cook eggs to desired consistency place into taco shell top with sausage and cheddar cheese.


*Heating taco shell in the oven will add crispness but may increase the chances of breakage, making it tougher to keep the taco omlette together. Feel free to experiment with other toppings such as bacon, hot sauce, green peppers, salsa etc.

P.S. Who doesn’t love themselves some Daphne?

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CJ’s Lake Orion: The Iceman Breakfast

Somewhere in the bowels of Michigan there is a nether region known only as Sterling Heights where the iceman dwells.


Nobody knows his real name. Infact the only thing known about the Iceman is that he’s into some pretty cool stuff like: RoboCop, drinking beer for breakfast and putting gravy on things that shouldn’t have gravy on them.


Cj’s Villiage Cafe in downtown Lake Orion has been a popular family restaurant with a quaint country kitchen atmosphere for years. A few years back new owners took the place over and decided since there was a whole empty store front adjacent to the Villiage Cafe they might as well get their liquor license and open a bar  for the after five o’clock crowd. Rumor has it that on many a sunday during the fall the bar section is filled with dads having a beer and watching the lions lose while their wife and kids wait at the table.


The marriage of the country kitchen and the bar has given rise to The Iceman Breakfast. Heres is a quick step by step guide on how to order it:

1. Sit in the bar section of CJ’s which doesn’t open up until 11am which is fine since The Iceman is never up before noon anyway.

2. Tell the waitress you want to order “The Iceman Breakfast” she will look at you confused, forgive her, the legend of The Iceman hasn’t spread to lake orion yet.

3. Inform the waitress that it’s the country omlette (giant omlette stuffed with sausage, hash browns and onions topped with sausage gravy.) with two beers and a side of sausage.

4. Add more beers as desired.

5. Eat everyday to die a slow yet savory death.

CJ’s Village Cafe

21 W. Flint St. Lake Orion MI


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Wendy’s Training Video circa 198-something

The 80s was the best decade for everything!

It starts off looking like a bad skinnemax softcore but stick with it, it’s worth it.

Anyone know who that guy is? Everytime I hear a rapper from the 80’s it always sounds like Curtis Blow to me.

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Nobel Prize Nominee: Fries that never get soggy.

Allright, allright, yes I am back, yes I let this blog become dormant over the past two months and yes I am a lazy turd. In my defense I was graduating from Oakland University with a degree in communication which means I am now qualified to deliver pizzas and make a dollar an hour more than minimum wage the rest of my life. In the meantime I have been cruising around Metro Detroit, checking out the local mom and pop shops and I found one that has discovered something us as man have not been able to figure out since the dawn of civilization.


Matt, the owner of Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers and Other Stuff on 15 Mile rd. east of Garfield in Fraser worked his way up through the ranks the Big Boy Corporation over the past twenty some odd  years. When he decided to open up his own place Matt wanted to make sure that when people ordered carry out from his restaurant, their french fries would not turn into some limp soggy potato slop. After calling around he discovered the frie box companies had exclusive contracts with big french fry and could not provide him with the McDonalds style fry boxes. Matt still wanted to provide his customers with fries that stay crunchy from the restaurant to the break room so he decided to try something different, batter them like fish or chicken.


Matt over at Abby Lane is really onto something here. Not only is the battered french fry method functional, it’s an improvement on a long standing institution. Before I inquired about the satisfying new texture of the fry basket I was trying to remember the last time I had fries that tasted as good without ketchup.  The great thing about independently owned businesses is the ability they have to experiment and offer a unique menu. On top of the fries Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers and Other Stuff offers a wide choice of burgers both traditional and innovative and of course other stuff.

Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers and Other Stuff

16890 15 Mile rd.

Fraser MI 48026


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Relaunch in 2009

Hey everyone, thanks for continuing to visit the blog. I apologize for the lack of activity. Life, mainly graduating college has taken precedence over the past few months, BUT check back here beginning next months when things settle down a bit for weekly updates once again!

Happy Holidays and thanks for sticking with the blog.

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MAN MEAL RECIPE: English Buttercup by Kyle Bauer

*I’ll be the first to admit that there’s absolutely nothing “manly” about calling anything “English” or “Buttercup,” but you can’t deny the power of peanut butter and chocolate when they join forces. Kyle Bauer is back again with a little diddy he threw together, when the chips were down and the cupboard was bare.”



I discovered this very recently, as recently as yesterday afternoon. Like a pregnant women  I was craving something sweet and a bit unorthodox. Searching through my cupboard and fridge there was very little. It was one of those end of the week deals where you charged through all the groceries you bought last Sunday.

All that was left was an english muffin, a nugget of Hershey’s extra dark chocolate, and a half jar of Peanut butter. So I nodded and said to myself, “I’m going to make this work.

Follow these steps

1. Slice English muffin in half and toast.


The toasting time is at your discretion. My toaster is old, dosent work well, so just pay close attention and look for some browning.

2. When ready, remove English Muffin from toaster and immediately spread a blade full of peanut butter onto each half.


Make sure the English muffin is very hot. This is critical.

3. Put on chocolate.


Mind you I used dark chocolate not by design. My advice is try this with whatever chocolate you have in the house, be it a hershey’s bar or kiss. Just keep the chocolate proportional to the muffin and peanut butter.

4. Combine the two halves and let sit for 30 seconds.


This is why its important that the chocolate be proportionate and not too much. You want the chocolate to melt and while messy food isn’t really bad, its less annoying when you don’t have to wash your hands or the kitchen counter.

This is also why I recommend an English muffin. While it may be the fruitiest of breads, they get really hot in the toaster, which allows the peanut butter and chocolate to melt faster and together, settling into the advertised “nooks and crannies” of the bread.

5. Pour glass of milk and dig in.

When chocolate is involved, milk is the go to drink. When peanut butter is involved, milk is the go to drink. When both are involved, you don’t have a choice.

I liken the flavor of that to a peanut butter cup or block. The fusion of chocolate and peanut butter is rich, with the English muffin adding a unique touch in crispiness.

I suppose it could be a cousin of the Smore, considering it is similar in principal. Just replace the graham cracker with the English muffin, the marshmallow with the peanut butter and the the campfire with a toaster.

While this satisfied my craving, the health geek inside caused me to feel overwhelming guilt. To erase that guilt I chased this with an apple and a glass of water. You don’t have to do the same.

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Happy Halloween

New update coming on Saturday, but since I wasn’t able to take an October tour of the Morley Candy factory this year, I thought I’d share a video that’s had a tremendous impact on me. I found it on the website for a little known cable access television show and it has inspired me to join People for the Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins (PETP).

That show has since moved from cable access to MY TV 20, every Saturday at Midnight.

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Cider Mill Review (Finally)

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. October has been an extremely busy month, but I did find time a few weeks ago to sample four of Metro Detroit’s more popular Cider Mills along with guest reviewer Kyle Bauer. But first a couple of disclaimers

*There is absolutely nothing wrong with a couple of dudes broing it up at a cider mill together, listening to sports talk radio, scoping out babes or getting a characeture done together. Sure, traditionally it’s more of a date activity but if you’re having no luck with the ladies and just want some cider and doughnuts it’s perfectly acceptable.

*Pumpkins are to be picked at an orchard, not a grocery store. Buying pumpkins at a grocery store is as unamerican as driving around in your Toyota Prius, eating Lashish take out.

Yates Cider Mill *Best All Around Cider Mill Experience

To be fair I can’t include Yates in the ranking system since it’s been a fall instution for me since I was a kid. Every fall there has been two places my parents would always take me and my siblings, Yates Cider Mill and Miller’s Big Red. The cider and doughnuts set the standard for which I judge all cider and doughnuts. The doughnuts being are a textbook example of just enough crunch on the outside with the inside being warm and chewy and the cider a perfect mix of tangy and sweet. Cider Mills aren’t just about the cider and dougnuts, walking trails and other diversion are almost equally as important. Allthough the swinging bridge  across the street from Yates has been gone for years they still offer a scenic mile long walking trail with plenty of side trails and off chutes.

Yates Cider Mill

1990 E Avon Rd Rochester MI


Spicer Orchards *Best Dougnuts

When I googled “Cider Mills M-59” Spicer Orchards was the first search returned. It’s not a Cider Mill per se but out of all the places we hit Spicer wins the best dougnut award. If Yates is the standard spicers takes it up a notch with the outside being a tad bit crispier with a little bit more cinnamon. Spicer’s dougnuts are  bigger than most cider mill dougnuts, more comparable to something you’d find at a Dunkin Doughnuts. If you don’t feel like picking your own apples theres a whole petting zoo villiage on the premises along with a corn maze right across the street.

Spicer Orchards

10411 Clyde Rd Fenton MI


Paint Creek Cider Mill *Best Walking Trail

I have to start off by saying that if you don’t get to the doughnuts at a Cider Mill within 10 minutes of them being made, you might as well just buy them at the store. This was our first stop at 10 am and I have a feeling the doughnuts had been ready for awhile since they were room temperature with no crispness on the outside. I did go back about an hour later for a plain dougnut fresh out of the oven (or whatever they make doughnuts with) and it was noticeably better so I may have to go back one more time before giving the dougnuts a thumbs up or thumbs down. The one huge advantage Paint Creek has is the fact it backs right up to The Paint Creek Trial which is a walking/jogging/biking/rollerblading trail that stretches all over God’s green earth, or at least Oakland County.  Shout out to Paint Creek Animal Clinic. Kyle and I found Jersey here on the trail and dropped him off at the Clinic.

Jersey happened to be a patient of theirs and he seemed happy to be there, which is incredible because whenever we take my dog to the vet he tucks his tail between his legs and pees on the floor.

Paint Creek Cider Mill

4480 Orion Rd. Rochester MI


Franklin Cider Mill

Along with Yates, Franklin seems to be the other big name when it comes to Cider Mills in the Metro Detroit Area. I hate to use the word “overrated” but I’m going to have to. Frankin has only one choice of doughnut; plain with Cinnamon baked into the dough, which sounded good before I bit into it and realized that the cinnamon could barely be tasted. The website claims to offer hayrides but I didn’t see any being run while I was there. Once I got past the beauty of downtown Franklin and the building it seemed that the Franklin Cider Mill was nothing but a glorified road side stand with smaller portions and higher prices. To be fair I went on a Friday afternoon, perhaps they have more to offer on a Saturday or Sunday but the three other cider mills were packed and had everything up and running.

Franklin Cider Mill

7450 Franklin Rd. Franklin MI


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COMING SOON: Five Guys Burger and Fries OR Burgermania Continues

Speaking of ground beef, Metro Detroiters will soon have another choice when it comes to deliciously clogging our arteries, Five Guys Burger and Fries.

Earlier this year alot of hype was generated by a SONIC drive-in opening shop in Southgate. Here’s the difference: SONIC makes good commercial and (in my opinion) average food where 5 Guys Burgers and Fries has done barely any advertising here in Michigan but makes award winning burgers. 5GBF was started by Jerry and Janie Murell and their four sons and sells nothing but burgers (and hot dogs), fries and cola, hence the name. Jerry and his sons left poor Janie out of the name, i’m guessing for purposes of iambic pentameter then two years after the Murells opened their burger chain they had a 5th son who replaced Jerry in the family business as the “fifth guy”.

5 Guys Burger and Fries has been voted best burger or fries by numerous publications out east including: Delaware Today Magazine,  Charlotte City Magazine, Richmond Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, The Liberty Champion wherever that is, and has been featured in the Washington Post.

Five guys is scheduled to open franchises across the Metro Detroit area in early 2009.  In the mean time check out these other Local burger joints.

  Little Brother’s Burgers

201 W 4th Steet Royal Oak MI


Travis Hamburgers

23500 Greater Mac Ave St. Clair Shores MI



30100 Gratiot Roseville MI


Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers

16890 15 Mile Road Fraiser MI


Telway Hamburger System

27000 John R Rd Madison Heights MI



6820 Michigan Ave. Dearborn MI 


Bray’s Hamburgers

22941 Dequindre Rd. Hazel Park MI


Hunter House Hamburgers

35075 Woodward Ave. Birmingham MI


For more information on Five Guys Burgers and Fries visit

*Thanks to Mark Parus for the heads up.

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