Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | April 16, 2009

Battle of the Beards

When the NHL went on strike back in 2004 I was a bit surprised to discover that professional hockey wasn’t as popular around the U.S. as it was in Detroit. With the Tiger’s yearly battle against the Kansas City Royals for last place in the American League, the Red Wings caught fire in the second half of the 90’s giving way to a new spring tradition of playing street hockey after school until 7 O’clock, when the wings would take the ice. Hockey players have a repuation of being superstitous, especially goaltenders.


Chris Osgood was the first player to introduce me to the playoff beard via locker room interview on WDIV. Every year those who believe in the beard will shave before game one of the first playoff series and let their facial hair grown until their team wins the cup or are bounced from the playoffs. The marketing folks over at the Joe have decided to make this a rallying cry for this year’s playoffs coining “The Beard is Back” as the 2009 postseason motto.

Since the Tournament of Sandwiches was so moderately successful and I respect a good beard I bring you…. Battle of the Beards.

BATTLE OF THE BEARDS will run until the end of the Red Wing’s playoff run, whoever has the most votes at the end wins.

For more playoff beard skullduggery visit Red Wings Beard Central




  1. you obviously haven’t seen the band four year strong:

    their collective beards beat any of these

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