Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | March 31, 2009

Tournament of Sandwiches-FINAL FOUR

Detroit is a buzz this week about being the host city for the Final Four (of sandwiches.) 75 votes, which is about 74 more than I was expecting, have been tallied from first round, round robin action. Peanut butter and jelly mounted a late game rally but in the end the hamburger, grilled cheese, club sandwich and reuben made it to the promised land.

Final four action will be more tournament style pitting sandwich vs. sandwich. The staff here at Mike Eats have been working dilligently: rounding up and hiding the bums, putting up fake store fronts in abandoned buildings, picking up trash on the side of the information super highway and increasing it’s police presence in hopes of making this week an enjoyable experience for tournament goers.

Vote early, vote often; if millions of people can vote for something silly like American Idol or the President, they can take a few minutes out of their day to vote for something that actually matters like their favorite sandwich.

P.S. It turns out the NCAA has ripped off my idea and are slapping a couple of exhibition basketball games together down at Ford Field this weekend.



  1. Why are people voting for a cheese sandwich over a club! CMON!!!

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