Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | January 27, 2009

McRib Locator

Deminski and Doyle are back on the air, mornings 6-10 on 94.7 WCSX.

Since I am not up early enough in the morning to catch the show, I visit their page on quite often for podcasts and madcap zaniness.

The other day I logged onto their page and found a link they had posted to an online service they may become bigger than craigslist: The McRib Locator.

The McRib, not be confused with the RibWich is a cultural phenomenon. Eating a McRib is sort of like watching porn, it’s kind of frowned upon, the religious right denounces it but more people do it than are willing to admit it. For those of you who aren’t affraid to step out of the McRib closet the locator can be found at:

The McRib locator allows users to enter sightings and breaks the McRib sightings down into 4 categories:

Hot and Spicy- McRib spotted in the past 10 days.

McRibs are Getting Cold-McRib Spotted more than 10 days Ago.

Questionable McRib Sighting- in the Past 10 Days

Questionable McRib Sighting-More than 10 Days Ago

The bad news is that the only sightings on the map are questionable sightings in the past 10 days with Pennsylvania being the closest. The good news is that there have been 160 McRib sightings in the past 7 day. Heres hopin’.



  1. reminds me of when a kid i know got the jordache jeans he asked for for his birthday

  2. That sounds familiar. The Santa Claus?

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