Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | January 24, 2009

Man Meal Recipe: Taco Omlette

First of all I have to come clean on a couple of things.

#1 The Taco Omlette is nowhere near as manly as the English Buttercup.

#2 I didn’t come up with this concotion on my own. I saw it on an episode of Frasier, the one where Daphne isn’t getting along with Martin’s new girlfriend so she stays with Niles and they almost do it.


During this episode Martin’s girlfriend makes him a breakfast complete with spam and tacos full of scrambled eggs, much to Daphne’s chagrin. The taco concept intrigued me so I decided to give it a try.



-2 eggs

-Summer Sausage

-Cheddar Cheese

-American Cheese

-Splash of Milk

-Taco shell


1. Tear American Cheese into small pieces mix with egg and milk in frying pan stirring often with a spatula.

2. Cut sausage into quarters and shred cheddar cheese if not pre-shredded.

3. Cook eggs to desired consistency place into taco shell top with sausage and cheddar cheese.


*Heating taco shell in the oven will add crispness but may increase the chances of breakage, making it tougher to keep the taco omlette together. Feel free to experiment with other toppings such as bacon, hot sauce, green peppers, salsa etc.

P.S. Who doesn’t love themselves some Daphne?



  1. Everytime I put it into the oven it falls on its side and everything falls out 😦 what do I do?

  2. Looks kind of questionable—how was it? If you use a soft tortilla it would be good, but then it’s just a breakfast burrito-no novelty in that!

  3. What I choose to do is not cook the taco shell, it’s not as crispy but its easier to manage

  4. Much wisdom can be derived from Dr. Crane and friends.

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