Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | January 12, 2009

CJ’s Lake Orion: The Iceman Breakfast

Somewhere in the bowels of Michigan there is a nether region known only as Sterling Heights where the iceman dwells.


Nobody knows his real name. Infact the only thing known about the Iceman is that he’s into some pretty cool stuff like: RoboCop, drinking beer for breakfast and putting gravy on things that shouldn’t have gravy on them.


Cj’s Villiage Cafe in downtown Lake Orion has been a popular family restaurant with a quaint country kitchen atmosphere for years. A few years back new owners took the place over and decided since there was a whole empty store front adjacent to the Villiage Cafe they might as well get their liquor license and open a bar  for the after five o’clock crowd. Rumor has it that on many a sunday during the fall the bar section is filled with dads having a beer and watching the lions lose while their wife and kids wait at the table.


The marriage of the country kitchen and the bar has given rise to The Iceman Breakfast. Heres is a quick step by step guide on how to order it:

1. Sit in the bar section of CJ’s which doesn’t open up until 11am which is fine since The Iceman is never up before noon anyway.

2. Tell the waitress you want to order “The Iceman Breakfast” she will look at you confused, forgive her, the legend of The Iceman hasn’t spread to lake orion yet.

3. Inform the waitress that it’s the country omlette (giant omlette stuffed with sausage, hash browns and onions topped with sausage gravy.) with two beers and a side of sausage.

4. Add more beers as desired.

5. Eat everyday to die a slow yet savory death.

CJ’s Village Cafe

21 W. Flint St. Lake Orion MI



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