Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | January 5, 2009

Nobel Prize Nominee: Fries that never get soggy.

Allright, allright, yes I am back, yes I let this blog become dormant over the past two months and yes I am a lazy turd. In my defense I was graduating from Oakland University with a degree in communication which means I am now qualified to deliver pizzas and make a dollar an hour more than minimum wage the rest of my life. In the meantime I have been cruising around Metro Detroit, checking out the local mom and pop shops and I found one that has discovered something us as man have not been able to figure out since the dawn of civilization.


Matt, the owner of Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers and Other Stuff on 15 Mile rd. east of Garfield in Fraser worked his way up through the ranks the Big Boy Corporation over the past twenty some odd  years. When he decided to open up his own place Matt wanted to make sure that when people ordered carry out from his restaurant, their french fries would not turn into some limp soggy potato slop. After calling around he discovered the frie box companies had exclusive contracts with big french fry and could not provide him with the McDonalds style fry boxes. Matt still wanted to provide his customers with fries that stay crunchy from the restaurant to the break room so he decided to try something different, batter them like fish or chicken.


Matt over at Abby Lane is really onto something here. Not only is the battered french fry method functional, it’s an improvement on a long standing institution. Before I inquired about the satisfying new texture of the fry basket I was trying to remember the last time I had fries that tasted as good without ketchup.  The great thing about independently owned businesses is the ability they have to experiment and offer a unique menu. On top of the fries Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers and Other Stuff offers a wide choice of burgers both traditional and innovative and of course other stuff.

Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers and Other Stuff

16890 15 Mile rd.

Fraser MI 48026




  1. battered fries are delicious! it took years for me to figure out the connection between deliciousness and fried flour. as a french fry connoisseur, i’m glad i did. we went to this grill in austin, tx that claimed to have the best fries in the city. sure enough–battered. yum.

  2. thankyou for coming back.

  3. that dude is srsly onto something. batter makes the world go round.

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