Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | November 5, 2008

MAN MEAL RECIPE: English Buttercup by Kyle Bauer

*I’ll be the first to admit that there’s absolutely nothing “manly” about calling anything “English” or “Buttercup,” but you can’t deny the power of peanut butter and chocolate when they join forces. Kyle Bauer is back again with a little diddy he threw together, when the chips were down and the cupboard was bare.”



I discovered this very recently, as recently as yesterday afternoon. Like a pregnant women  I was craving something sweet and a bit unorthodox. Searching through my cupboard and fridge there was very little. It was one of those end of the week deals where you charged through all the groceries you bought last Sunday.

All that was left was an english muffin, a nugget of Hershey’s extra dark chocolate, and a half jar of Peanut butter. So I nodded and said to myself, “I’m going to make this work.

Follow these steps

1. Slice English muffin in half and toast.


The toasting time is at your discretion. My toaster is old, dosent work well, so just pay close attention and look for some browning.

2. When ready, remove English Muffin from toaster and immediately spread a blade full of peanut butter onto each half.


Make sure the English muffin is very hot. This is critical.

3. Put on chocolate.


Mind you I used dark chocolate not by design. My advice is try this with whatever chocolate you have in the house, be it a hershey’s bar or kiss. Just keep the chocolate proportional to the muffin and peanut butter.

4. Combine the two halves and let sit for 30 seconds.


This is why its important that the chocolate be proportionate and not too much. You want the chocolate to melt and while messy food isn’t really bad, its less annoying when you don’t have to wash your hands or the kitchen counter.

This is also why I recommend an English muffin. While it may be the fruitiest of breads, they get really hot in the toaster, which allows the peanut butter and chocolate to melt faster and together, settling into the advertised “nooks and crannies” of the bread.

5. Pour glass of milk and dig in.

When chocolate is involved, milk is the go to drink. When peanut butter is involved, milk is the go to drink. When both are involved, you don’t have a choice.

I liken the flavor of that to a peanut butter cup or block. The fusion of chocolate and peanut butter is rich, with the English muffin adding a unique touch in crispiness.

I suppose it could be a cousin of the Smore, considering it is similar in principal. Just replace the graham cracker with the English muffin, the marshmallow with the peanut butter and the the campfire with a toaster.

While this satisfied my craving, the health geek inside caused me to feel overwhelming guilt. To erase that guilt I chased this with an apple and a glass of water. You don’t have to do the same.


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