Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | September 28, 2008

Conspiracy Theory-The Six, Secret Society

As an avid listener of Coast to Coast AM I love me a good conspiracy theory. A reoccuring theme within circles of conspiracy theorists are secret organizations who rule the world. Underground societies such as the Freemasons, illuminati, Bilderbergs or Yale’s Order of the Skull and Bones who pull the strings of world politics, shrouded in secrecy they work in cahoots with one another for the good of the elite few at the expense of the world at large.

You could imagine my interest when an annonymous informant asked me if I ever heard of “the six.” When I replied that I hadn’t he went on to explain that “the six” is a club of ground beef enthusiasts where the only requirement for membership is being able to keep down a Wendy’s Triple with double the beef. For the conspiracy theorist, it’s all about following the numbers, connecting the dots.

 3 patties x 2= 6 patties or The Six”

I kept on my informant for several weeks hoping to get more information on “The Six,” perhaps even join. Over that amount of time said informant’s trail grew cold, changing his story to not even being sure if “The Six” exsists.

Perhaps the cover-up has allready made it’s way to members of the media.

Steve Staeger, an associate producer at WDIV Local 4 and Host of Stevie and Andy in the afternoon Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm on WXOU FM recalls his experience with the ground beef behemoth.

“There was a time when Wendy’s had a special spot on their menu. It said “Double the Beef $0.99”. My friend wanted to see what a Triple, double the beef, looked like. That would be a Wendy’s burger with six patties.So he dared me to order it — and being someone who has a rough time turning down a bet when it comes to food — I placed my order.

The people behind the counter were stunned and captivated. The manager told me in her 10 year career with the Wendy’s corporation, she’d never seen anything like it.

Wrapped in the foil — the burger was about the size of a softball. The tray liner below it was a POOL of grease. I unwrapped it to find a burger bigger than I’d ever seen. I could just barely unhinge my jaw enough to manage a whole bite. To this day, I blame the burger’s size for the clicking noise whenever I chew.

I unbelievably finished the entire meal…large fries included. I got home and slipped into a 12 hour coma.

I tried the triple-double challenge one time since then and completed it again. I think you can only do it a few times before that first heart attack will kick in”


Staeger denies any ties with or knowledge of “the six.”

I have to run, theres a mysterious black sedan that’s been parked in front of my house for the past 45 mins.



  1. Best MED post since Coney V. Coney!


  2. that picture is perfect! ha ha ground beef bohemoth!

  3. please, mikey. do. not. eat. that. burger.

  4. I need to get my bro friend John to come back down from Central and give that a shot. He once orderd and ate the entire dollar menu from Wednys, among various other sophomoric eating feats. Im sure he could do it and would be down.

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