Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | September 13, 2008

Kitchen Cheat #1 Infinite Crunch

For those of us who still eat cereal we know two things.

#1 Cereal is just as good, if not better late at night.

#2 The last few bites of any bowl are soggy abominations.

This is because convential cereal practice is to pour the cereal in before the milk, submerging the cereal from the get go giving the milk a headstart over your spoon.


Heres a secret i’ve been hoarding for a few years: pour the milk in first and then pour the cereal on top of the milk. This causes the cereal to float on top of the milk with only the bottom of each piece touching the milk. Since the bottom of the cereal is the only part touching the milk it won’t be getting saturated from all angles leaving the cereal crunchy until the very last bite.

I ran this idea by a buddy of mine at work and he looked at me as if I were speaking blasphemy. He was concerned the milk to cereal ration would be compromised. The fact of the matter is that milk and cereal are mixed in the spoon, not in the bowl which means that every spoonful will taste like the first.



  1. Pour it any way you want and eat it faster you Sally.

  2. see, i like it when the cereal is soggy, i dont like it to be all crunchy and hard cause it tears up the roof of my mouth…i havent had cereal in years, though

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