Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | September 4, 2008

Inn Season Cafe

A few weeks ago while the whole family was in for my oldest sister’s wedding I did something way outside my comfort zone….ate vegetarian. My other sister (the one who wasn’t getting married) lives in Brooklyn and has been a vegetarian for a number of years. Since we live halfway across the United States from each other said sister wanted to have lunch with her long lost brother. Being a carnivore and knowing full well that said sister is a vegetarian I suggested she take me to a place I wouldn’t hate and doesn’t smell like patchouli, she rolled the dice and we ended up at the Inn Season Cafe, a vegetarian restuarant in Royal Oak.

After much deliberation and skepticism I decided on the enchilada coloradito, because it was the closest thing to something i’d normally eat anyway.

Enchilada Coloradito

My first impression of the Enchilada Coloradito was “boy I hope theres a burrito under this salad.” But after digging through the foliage I discovered there was in fact a tasty bean burrito underneath. As for the vegetables on top, turns out they’re not half bad cooked leaving me to wonder what they would taste like deep fried.

Indian Dumplings

as for the Indian Dumplings you’ll have to ask my sister on her blog at

For those of you who are vegetarians or know vegetarians you’re aware of the fact that after awhile a vegetarian’s body builds up resistance to meat. Since I eat nothing but meat I think my body has built up a tolerance to vegetables due to the dull stabbing pain in my sides which lingered for a few hours after eating.

BUT! for those with a normal diet, the Inn Season Cafe serves carnivore friendly vegetarian food at a decent price without the offensive patchouli odor.

The Inn Season Cafe

500 E 4th Street in Royal Oak

(248) 547-7916



  1. She tricked me into going there one time. I hated it!

  2. She tricked me into going there one time and I hated it!

  3. I went voluntarily, I was in the mood to try something different and enjoyed my Enchilada.

  4. they were delicious but i left them in mom’s fridge when i left for detroit and i bet they rotted, which is a shame … unless matthew got hungry.

    and for the record, nobody tricked anybody

  5. damn mikey—
    you ate at the inn season?

    that shiz is so good—and i’m not biased. i ate beef for dinner.


  6. Well beef is what’s for dinner.

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