Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | September 1, 2008

Is it cidermill, or cider mill?

Even though the autumnal equinox doesn’t happen until September 22nd as far as i’m concerned the day after Labor day is the first day of fall. I’m not going to try to pass this off as an actual entry but as an opportunity to take stock in the website.

If it’s not too much trouble, i’d like some of you regular readers to leave me a quick comment about how you heard about this site, what you like and what can be changed, you know the normal customer survey stuff except I actually want to know. I’ve been doing this website for about 5 months now and allready I’ve had a month where I recieved 800 hits (august). That may not seem like much to most webmasters, but it’s something i’m pretty proud of. Besides facebook, myspace and a guest appearance on I havn’t really done much promoting so i’m really curious as to how this blog’s readership has grown.

Once again thanks everyone for making August an even better month than July. Whats coming up in September? I will be driving around to different cider mills to find out who makes the best cider and doughnuts. Of course Metro Detroit expands pretty far north during cider mill and haunted house season. A secret brotherhood forged by ground beef, a vegetarian restaurant review and I’m always looking for more correspondents to contribute to the site which is a great way to cross promote a project you might be working on or just want to have work published E-mail me



  1. Hey man i found out about the site from kyle bauer i really like it. im at culinary institute of america and im from detroit i really like reading it. it helps keep me occupied during off time and my friends from class like reading it to. if you ever want other guest writes i’ll be more then happy to do an entry or anything

  2. Im sooooo down with your cider mill expositions.

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