Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | August 11, 2008

Return of Hydrox

This is democracy in action folks. After recieving over 1,300 phone calls, 1,000 petition signatures and a huge internet movement Kellogg has decided to put Hydrox, the original sandwich cookie back on the market.

To be honest I had never heard of hydrox until The Big Story with Lloyd Jackson on news/talk 760 WJR 7-8pm weekdays ran a story on it back in May. The cookie, which sounds more like bleach or drain cleaner, got it’s name because of it’s chemical composition, hydrogen and oxygen. 

After acquiring sunshine biscuit, the company that made hydrox, Keebler tried rebranding hydrox as “droxies.” In 2001 Kellogg bought out Keebler and discontinued hydrox a few years later choosing their Famous Amos line of sandwhich cookies over the local favorite.

There is a common misconception that hyrdox are a knock off of oreos. Hydrox hit the market in 1908 with oreo following four years behind. In the 1980’s market research revealed Hydrox to be a favorite amongst the Jewish population because the Kosher lard free filling.

Hydrox will be hitting stores in late August and may taste a little different, the recipe has been modified to be trans fat free.  

Rumor has it that if the re-release goes well Kelloggs may bring Hydrox back permanently. The free market at work.

(source and good ol wikipedia)



  1. I was thinking about Hydrox yesterday because my friend who isnt a wealthy as me was eating Oreo rip offs and not knowing they took Hydrok off the market I assumed that what they were.

    Guess they were Hydrox rip offs.

    Can I give Kudos here?

  2. Wowsers, never even knew this stuff existed. It’s like finding Kelloggs invented the Frais before the creators of CHEERS did.

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