Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | July 23, 2008

Jeff Deminski’s Pringleezies

During my years as a pizza delivery guy I have developed an addiction to talk radio. Deminski and Doyle, one of my all time favorite radio teams had one hell of a run on afternoon drive for nearly 8 years before they were taken off the air in December of 07. As a thank you to their loyal fanbase D & D would have yearly open houses where they would invite listeners to the station during the show to hang out and watch how the show was done. A few years back Deminski made some classy hors d’oeuvres. He was cool enough to E-mail me the recipe.

1 can Pringles (original preferred)
1 can EasyCheese (cheese like product)
Take one Pringle, gently squirt on generous enough amount of EasyCheese to cover chip but leave about a 1/4 inch border.  Place second Pringle over top first and lightly press down.  Should be assembled shortly before eating to avoid absorption/soggy chip.  Best eaten after night of drinking heavily.


Deminski and Doyle are currently honoring a 12 month non-compete claus in their contract, which began around the first of this year. In the mean time Deminski is running where you can read his take on life, the issues, current events and the types of situations Rudy drinks himself into, along with updates on whats next for the radio show. It’s alot like what he does on the radio, but in blog form.



  1. Mike,
    If you see Kate Griffiths, please tell her to call her mother.

    Bruce Griffiths

  2. haha you got it, we’re really enjoying having her stay with us, shes alot of fun.

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