Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | July 19, 2008

Motor City Madman’s Vernor’s Commercial

Heres deadly Tedly (Nugent) the former Motor City Madman, now the Lone Star State Game Hunter. Selling Vernors back in what I’m guessing is the 80’s.

Of course everyone is familiar with the marriage of Vernors and ice cream giving birth to the Boston Cooler. Many people believe that a Boston Cooler was invented in Boston hence the name. Truth is most people in Boston have never even heard of Vernors. Fred Sanders, of the Sanders ice cream empire invented the drink at his ice cream shop on Boston Boulevard, in Detroit.

Down under “floats” are called “Spiders.” So if you over hear an Austrailian talking about a “Boston Spider” they’re not talking about a minor league baseball team.



  1. Vernors is the good stuff.

    What’s Ted Nugent’s Lone Star connection?

  2. The Nuge spends most of his time on his ranch in Texas where he hunts most of his own food

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