Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | June 10, 2008

What Food Says Detroit?

Philadelphia has their Cheesesteaks

New York has their Pizza

chicago has their, well pizza

Then you have your Buffalo Wings, Wisconsin Cheese and of course you can’t forget about the proud city of Waldo Ohio and their world famous…fried bologna?

Up North has their pastys (not to be confused with Pasties made famous by depression era strippers and Janet Jackson). Toledo has Packo’s hot dogs of MASH Fame and in between is Detroit where according to wikipedia the coney dog was born. What a gyp! Detroit’s most famous food invention is named after an amusement park in New York.

What are some down home that make you swell with hometown pride, whether it be Detroit or the surrounding suburbs? You got your better mades, crunchy cheesy beer dogs or Strohs if you’re old school. My vote for Detroit’s best culinary creation would be a toss up between the Hungry Howie’s Butter cheese crust The little caesars Hot n Ready and………………




  1. mmmm … red pop. But if you’re going to go the junk food route, why not Vernors or Saunders fudge?

  2. I spent some time in Northern Ohio in the sixties and seventies and drank my share of Stroh’s and Vernors. I ‘d vote for either of those over red soda water.

  3. This weekend, my kids said, “it’s ok but, it’s not Faygo.” I am so proud. Not that my boys drink pop. But that they only want Faygo. Detroit boys through and through!

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