Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | May 15, 2008

Salsbury Steak vs Meatloaf

For those of us who enjoy microwave cuisine there’s no bigger bang for your buck than the hungry man line (no this is not a pad advertisement.) Even on the low end of portion size you still get a A POUND OF FOOD.

Today I am featuring two dishes which have been a staple of the American meat and potatoes diet for generations, Salsbury Steak vs Meatloaf a debate which has raged since the days of the cavemen.


Meatloaf-Comes with the corn, mashed potoatoes and brownie. Made in a gravy which tastes like it has a base of your normal run of the mill packet ketchup found in your local prison’s cafeteria. Sometimes I will accidentally buy the meatloaf thinking i’m buying the salsbury steak, much to my chagrin.

Salsbury Steak-Comes with the Green beans, mashed potatoes and Brownie. I’m not sure how they do it but Hungry Man has managed to make this frozen dish taste like it’s been on the grill, whatever the additive is, it’s delicious and probably cancerous, but what a way to go. Not only is the Salsbury Steak good for frozen food, it’s good for Salsbury Steak.

The Brownie in both of these dishes is decent but presents a couple of drawbacks

1. The brownie, before cooked is in a liquidy batter-like state so you run the risk of getting brownie run in your mashed potatoes or being surprised by a stray piece of corn cooked in with the brownie.

2. During preperation the brownie adds an extra step to the cooking process. First you have to remove plastic from one compartment while cutting a slit over another, then you cook in the microwave for a few minutes, remove brownie, set brownie aside, stir potatoes, replace plastic, heat for a few more minutes. By the time your hungryman is ready you feel like you’ve put in two semesters at Culinary College.







  1. What a delightful comic heel you are!

  2. hmmm … I’m not gonna lie, these Hungry Man things kinda gross me out. You should get a recipe and cook these things on your own. I think you’d be surprised how easy it actually is (though it will take more than your proclaimed two semesters in culinary school: cut remove replace repeat, lol).

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