Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | April 25, 2008

Follow Up: Coney Vs Coney in the Wall Street Journal

The two Coneys downtown are getting some national publicity. Raymond Sokolov the WSJ’s food critic who was born at Harper Hospital, named Speed’s of Boston the nation’s best hot dog after a nationwide search. It didn’t take long for the letters to pour in from angry Detroiters who felt like Lafayette and American got the shaft.

Sokolov picked one letter writter in particular and met her at the airport where they proceeded downtown making a pit stop in Taylor to sample Senate Coney Island as well. Once he got off the can he wrote this neat little piece for some small newspaper out in New York dedicated solely to Detroit area hot dogs and the Dearborn Sausage Company.

*bonus theres an interesting story about how the two Coneys as well as the Coney dog came to be about halfway through the article. Enjoy

 Thanks to Rosanna Kelly for finding this article and passing it along to me.



  1. I told you that Senate Coney Island Reeked of awesomeness. By the way, the article with both Elisha and Jenna…you not have picked to hotter women. (starts to drool)

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