Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | April 24, 2008

Recipe: Pregnant Construction Worker

This one has been keeping me up at night. Have you ever cruised through the drive-thru ordered a double cheeseburger, ate it and wished you got pizza instead? Well I have figured out a way to marry the two. Sure, you could always order a cheeseburger pizza if you can’t decide, but thats more of a pizza with cheeseburger influence.


2 Slices of Pizza
1 Cheeseburger
(Elisha Cuthbert Maxim Optional)
1. Remove bun from burger
2. Replace bun with pieces of pizza, placing burger in between
3. Enjoy and try not to die of a heart attack
Mind blowing, imagine having these two women dieing to sleep with you.

 and you can have both at the same time without having to choose.

Even if you die of heart failure before you finish it would still be worth it. (gratutious I know but sex sells.)
Guest Reviewer
The Iceman

Thumbs up!

Pregnant Construction Worker Podcast



  1. Hey Mike, just checking out the site, I love to see you have Comerica Tower, the place I work on your banner, It’s the second tallest one, the one with like triangles on the top. Have a good one

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