Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | April 9, 2008

Coney Vs Coney

   Back in March while I was still trying to get this whole thing launched I caught a piece done by Fox 2’s Jason Carr about the Two Coneys downtown American and Lafayette. Since I am incapable of coming up with my own ideas I decided that as soon as I got the site up and running  I would go down there and pit them against each other. Since I am one man one opinion I decided to bring a panel of consultants with me for a bit of variety. Since both Coneys claim to be the original on top of the fact they’re located right next door to each other its hard to deciver whether the rivalry between the two places is friendly or pure hatred but as soon as you pass the kitchen’s windows which are separated by only a few feet you’ll see cooks from both places waving you into their restaurant trying to get you into their restaurant before you go into the “other guys.”


   Not Much Difference in price both places are very affordable the main difference between the two is in the atmosphere. Lafayette is much smaller consisting only of a lunch counter and very few tables. At first glance the place seems like a bit of a dive but if you go in and sit down you’ll begin to notice a very neighborhood type feel. The grill is very close to the door so people can pop their head in and shot their order to the cook like the woman who was walking her dog and couldn’t come in due to heath code laws and what not. American is much bigger with sort of an Arnolds from happy days feel. If you were to walk into both coneys and get a dog from each you wouldn’t notice a whole lot of difference. It seems as if the American Coney Island had a bit more of a skin on their dogs and Lafayettes onions were a bit sweeter.


   Personally I liked Lafayette’s atmosphere better than Americans but found American’s hot dog a coney sauce to have a bit more flavor. Since I’m no fence sitter I’m going to have to pick one and go with what tasted slighty better and that’s American, which puts me in the minority because the other three people on the “panel” picked Lafayette which gives it the 3-1 Edge.




3 Person Panel- Lafayette

Fox 2 Poll-American 147 Lafayette 400



Final Score



American and Lafayette Coney Islands are located right next door to each other on the corner of Michigan and Lafayette in Downtown Detroit


Coney Vs Coney mp3 

*note since Fox 2 has allready conducted an impromptu survey the mike eats detroit dot com coney dog poll has been cancelled you can see Jason Carr’s report by clicking below;jsessionid=FE5F55B10DBDAA45DEEE85DF5970F063?contentId=5971125&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1


The great thing about blogcasting is that you really don’t need any expertise or knowledge about anything. If anyone out there knows of any places they’d like to see reviewed leave a comment or drop me a line at




  1. American is good for the last call attempt to pick up the “Girls Night Out” Group.

    But if you actually are there for the Coney Experience – Lafayette: The Original.

  2. that’s insane, Lafayette Coney is clearly superior. The bean soup is the best, dump in some of the Lafayette hot sauce and some crackers, along with a dog, you’ve got a meal for under 5 bucks that’s delicious. Plus their open all night. Plus the place is a landmark. Go there after a ball game or hockey game and see how many people go into American. Nobody. Plus Lafayette has the most dangerous bathroom ever. I’m disappointed. I’m going to trash you on the buzz board.

  3. Now that you tested those, you should taste test the Downriver Coney Island in southgate and Senate Coney Island on ecorse in Taylor…they put those to shame.

  4. I enjoy that you’re eating Better Made chips and Faygo in that picture, very clever.

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