Posted by: mikeeatsdetroit | April 3, 2008

Man Meal Recipe-Crunchy Cheesy Beer Dog

The Crunchy Cheesy Beer Dog

This may sound disgusting but seriously try it.

Man Meal Recipe- (noun) anything thrown together using items you probably have in the fridge allready to create a brand new meal. Although the art can be practiced by both sexes it has been named after the male of the species because we are, as a majority culinarily challenged. (yes I know very 1950’s)


  1. Hot dog(s)
  2. At least half a can of beer
  3. Snack Chip of your choice
  4. Cheese of your choice
  5. Bun or bread
  6. Condiment(s)


  1. Pour Beer into a sauce pan
  2. cut hot dog down the middle and place in sauce pan
  3. boil hot dog in beer until plump (sometimes beer boils over so you may want to add some water and keep an eye on it)
  4. Place snack chip on bun or bread (Whole or crumbled doesn’t matter)
  5. Take hot dog out of the beer and wrap in cheese
  6. Top with condiment(s) and enjoy

 Crunchy Cheesy Beer Dogs podcast



  1. You did it ! You are such a funny little fucker !! FINALLY, someone following their passion.

  2. Its not vegan ah well I guess I could replace the hot dog with veggie dog & cheese with soy cheese
    ah that just sounds sick.. you amaze me

  3. its an abomanation

  4. That sounds good actually!

  5. I’m intrigued, as an avid beer drinker and fan of cheese, this is something worth looking into!

  6. This is a marvelous little website!

    Thanks for the fab-food tips!

  7. I’m excited about this site — finally a non-biased source on eating in Detroit!

    hey—so they make entire cookbooks where you baste and cook with beer. apparently it’s really good.
    not sure about crumbled chips—but i used to put better mades in my tuna sandwich for some salty crunch. miss you!!! AND BETTER MADE!

  9. I trust Mike in his food eating skillz. I mean when you want advice on a drink you talk to a bartender and when you need advice on food talk to the lovable fat guy!

  10. I love this Blog! You should do a sample for some of us loyal readers!

  11. I agree with Corey. I am brilliant for writing down a recipe with the intentions of getting around to actually cooking it, but as it happens me in the kitchen isn’t a normal sight, unless I’m on my way to grab a beer, which is why I’m hoping this recipe will give me the right motivation to cook. I still have to stop by the fridge and pick that beer up!

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